12 thoughts on “RHUM DIVENTA FAMOSO!

  1. Scusilo prego; Non parlo italiano. Sto usando Babelfish.

    Il vostro gatto Rhum è completamente adorable. Sembra giusto come il mio gatto (Mister Bounce) quando era giovane. Sembra particolarmente buon su tutta la mobilia GRASSETTO progettata.


  2. Andrea — la parte della valanga sta traboccando in questo blog! Amiamo Rhum.

    Aluccia — spiacente, ma Babelfish non ha potuto tradurre il vostro ultimo commento.

    (I’m trying, but I’m sure that I sound like a total idiot… I wish now that I’d taken Italian in school.)

  3. ahahha theo, you made me laugh so much!
    you can write here also in english, that’s right.
    my friend andrea told me that incute overload there are many comments about rhum in his post. i answered that i read all of them, they are all so nice but there is a lot of slang and i’m not very trained in understanding it! okay? 😀

  4. Aha… you were in “slang hell.” Understood. I’m probably more guilty of that than most of the other folks there. But, to sum it all up, everybody loves the picture. In fact, everybody loves the Flikr photos.

    I was basically saying that Rhum was so cute that I stop able to talk so good as brain too being full.